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A love for the game

Too dream, we call baseball and all the good times spent,

a time where I learned what this sport truly meant.

A grandpa and his grandson sitting out on the porch,

the game on the radio, you couldn’t ask for more.

Then the Devil left Tampa, and we became the Rays,

that’s about the time I discovered his sudden fate.

Lung Cancer hit hard, diagnosed with stage three, but

his age and condition left little chance of recovery.

Then began the season he dreamed he would see,

win after win, until we were champions of the East.

The feeling  that day, as he tagged second base,

the Rays were the team in the American League race,

the same night David Price became the Tampa Bay ace,

and the last time I saw a real smile across his face.

Now I sit every game and remember those days.

With every home run, it’s like a memory plays.

As he sits up above, and he watches every day,

I know he’s the reason I will always love this game.

-Reinaldo Martin

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