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An Ideology

An Ideology
by Reena Lama

Nazism roams the streets
stark naked except for the crown on his head.
Waving his hands in the air yelling, “Victory is mine!”
He searches every crack in the darkest corner
leaving a trail of bloody footprints,
But a single drop of his own blood he has not shed.
There is no light; even the moon
and the stars fear this tyrant, but Humanity
weeps, and Her tears shine in every footprint,
as a reminder of the massacre that takes place.

The pain and suffering of the innocent travels with the wind
as it moves across the Earth to find an ear that will listen.
While some ears want to listen, but are forbidden, others are simply indifferent.

The ideology does not make sense, yet it is a powerful force.
It succeeds because humans are a greedy ignorant breed.
A parasite (more like it)…
that will drain the life of its host to fill
its endless hunger for power.

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