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Break Every Chain

by: Saika Viard

Brother: No one understands me, no one knows my pain, I have these heavy chains wrapped around me, no one seems to care, I feel like I’m being attack, I’m calling for help, I look around, all I feel is neglect, What’s the point, when nobody is ever there, I made up my mind, I’ll do it myself!

Me: I understand, I feel your pain, I see the chains wrapped around you, holding you hostage, your trying to break free, but you can’t because your holding on to those spirits. You see spirits don’t possess you, you possess them, you have to invite them, in order for them to come in. You’re praying to God, asking him for help, but what’s the point when you don’t even trust him. It hurts me to see you helplessly reaching for him, but the chains are wrapped tightly around your hands, you look around, depending on men, hoping they will release you from those demonic things.

I tell you, repeatedly, stop making excuses, stop blaming people for your choices! It’s your choice to be like this, to be so angry, to let it build up to the point it cause injuries.

Just let go… and let it go!

Tell the devil he is not welcome anymore, you were so close, you had God right here, deep under your soul, but you let him go. The devil whispered in your ears, that you are broke, you’re lonely, that if you sell a pack of weed that you will have those material things. Well you see… that’s what he wants you to think. When you just call on God when you have those temptations, he will remove you from that situation. You have to believe there is power in the name!

Brother: I tried all that! Matter fact, it’s a waste of time! How long do I need to wait on God? I tried everything, nothing seems to work. You know it hurts, when your own family thinks your dirt. I’m trying to change, I’m trying to let go, but the closer I get to God the harder it becomes. I can’t find no jobs, I’m about to get kicked out my home. Since you know it all, tell me where I’m supposed to go?

Me: I don’t need to know it all, all I need to know is God, You’re my brother, and I know you! We’re the same, the only difference is I chose him. Trust me I know your pain, like you…  I was homeless, like you… I was confused, helpless, worthless and discouraged. Unlike you… I surrendered, and left it in his hands to break every chain because I knew he had a plan. Even though I couldn’t pray for myself at times… but I knew the spirit and the people of God were interceding for me, even if they didn’t know me, or probably will never meet me. Don’t worry you won’t fall, God has prepared his people to tear down those walls, the road blocks, the burdens, there’s an army rising up to break every chain.

You have to declare it,

I hear the chains falling.

You have to be confident in his word,

I hear the chains falling.

The end of the road may seem near.

You saying to yourself, there’s got to be hope.

There’s got to be more.

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