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All these years with the same people, same town

But now I’m leaving and have to turn it all around

It’s a new beginning but something’s ending

But I can’t forget all that I have befriended

Change could turn out to be a yes or no

but I would rather if I could just stay

Stay with the friends that became family

Stay with the ones that I love madly

Trying to find a space for my greatest memories

And trying to forget my latest enemies

Since I’m starting over, I have no one

No one knows me or where I come from

I knew for a while still haven’t accepted it

I want to come and intercept it

There’s a word that I still can’t stay

It defines the act of going away

I’m not going anywhere, I’m still in your heart

Even though I’m not there, I’m still a part

I hope the past means something to you

Without it, I don’t know what I’d do

When that time comes for me to say goodbye

I won’t know what to do but breakdown and cry

I won’t be scared to let it all out

I know you’re doing the same without a doubt

The time is approaching, so I have to say that word

But it’s Not a goodbye, but a farewell my friend

I hope this friendship continues with no bitter end

Yes I’m talking to you, I hope you comprehend

-Emeraude Lerebours

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