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Florida Tracks

2,786 miles of track
traverse the land and roads.

Maybe I will rail south to Okeechobee then Miami Beach,
or north through Kissimmee toward Starke.
I always enjoy the smell of salt,
as the train pulls in the Golden Glades stop.

Perhaps I will head east to the land of mice and magic,
or west through the strawberry fields near home.
The flowers are beautiful this time of year,
off the tracks of Magnolia Park.

South, north, east or west?
I am unsure which exploration will serve me best.

Tracks have a purpose.
Minds tend to roam.
Maybe I will just ride the tracks
until the engine calls me home.

-Judy Gaspar

One comment on “Florida Tracks

  1. Emele
    August 19, 2015

    Love this poem and riding the Florida rails.

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