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It’s like a jail cell

Straight from hell

You can never escape

You yell, you cry

But no one hears you

You have a mask with a smile

But you can go on fake it for a while

I feel worse than an animal

Yelled at like I’m nothing

Disrespected like I’m no one

Look down on like I’m trash left on the dash

On the streets too disgusting to pick up

But I know it’s not just me

There’s always a train of victims to the road to hell

I’m a new on this train

If only it could rain

To clean the years of tears around me

God, can somebody save me?

Leave me alone

Why can’t you just go away?

Leave and never come back

Why can’t that just be a fact?

You think you own me

You think you control my life

You need my permission for that

I’m not your family

And were definitely not friends

We have hardly begun

But I just want it to end

Somebody save me from this place

-Emeraude Lerebours

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