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More So Than None

~ Hemsley Charles

I have a vast heart
that can extend
further than most.
I love profoundly.
The eternal strength of it,
Exudes unspeakable amounts of power.
It’ll dig deep into the uncultivated regions
Of your soul,
Stringing along the monsters that hide in the shadows,
Weaving them into a tapestry you can coddle
The lies past lovers whispered
In your ears.
these high volumes of false sayings, fornicate with low pressure
self esteem clouds, and
birth whirlwinds of emotion
that cloud your judgment.
When the music dies,
And youself and gravity are left, dancing,
Feet swept,
butterflies running amuck internally, Remember,
it was my love that did it.
Upon its exit,
It’ll leave footprints,
Too big for any man to fill or follow.
let it walk, and you’ll find
Yourself chained in your castle,
Fighting regret with swords
forged from the bones of fear and
Hardened by the fiery breath of commitment.
You will miss my love.

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