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Body Art

~ Nia Baptiste-Dena

Tattoos are a form of body art which can also be considered fashion. Self-expression is taken seriously. It gives us ways so that we can uniquely identity ourselves and others. Tattoos can hold sentimental value to some, whereas for others, it is just another creative way to express who they are.
Ways of expressing ourselves can be through the form of dance, writing, singing, acting, and body art. Body art can sometimes be  considered taboo, because to some people it is not of the norm to “decorate “our bodies in such manner. In some societies, they have deemed body art to be a rebellious act and symbolized anti-socialism, versus other societies, where it is for cultural purposes, and body art is embraced and considered unique and is form of self-expression. Tattoos can be represented for many things. They can be used in remembrance of soldiers who have fallen. Many prisoners who were a part of gangs had certain “symbols” that identified them. Today, any and every group of people one can think of, have some sort of self-expression of body art on them. Moms and dads are even getting tattoos. Naturally tattoos send off a negative influence to society in those who do not believe in and accept “body art”. Some tattoos are too awesome to even be considered covered up. Embrace your body art, and don’t let anyone bring you down from it. Embrace its beauty and be happy with your body.

2 comments on “Body Art

  1. tommyeliason
    February 26, 2013

    I enjoyed this article! It summed up the beauty that is tattoo art. Tattoos can be used to represent good things and every walk of life has them on their body! Tattoos are art and people should embrace them as well as their bodies. This article relates that message well and that’s why it speaks to a broad audience.

  2. Nia Baptiste-Dena
    March 5, 2013

    Thanks, I wrote it :))

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