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Ocean footsteps

There is that place where earth, sea,

and sky merge and serge upon the land,

Infinite waves of energy rise up to touch the sky,

only to rumble and tumble down.

Upon this thin strip of hot sand and sun,

the light grows and shows a great beauty,

A giant fireball rising out of the blueness,

to brighten and heighten itself in stature.

Great tidal forces move water and sand,

sweeping and creeping it slowly away,

Leaving a surface behind that’s just so flat

and fit for a brand new day of fun.

Even before the sun works its way upward

and onward into its steady cycle,

Birds of many kind conspire to find

and fill themselves with the oceans bounty.

Golden rays intruding fire and

inspire many more to rise to the occasion,

To open their eyes and heart to see

and be one with what surrounds them.

To walk upon the space

and place where three become one and one becomes three,

To journey along a realm where your will hear

but not fear the cold chilly depths.

Sounds of thunderous crashes glide

and slide upon each other just off shore,

Wave after wave they continue to fade

and evade into a blur of constance.

Everyday, and every minute this song sings

and rings over the dunes and docks,

Always, white washes of water erase

and replace ocean footsteps left behind.

-John Jones

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