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Untitled by Jerad Owens; Mixed Media

by Tiffany Sotelo

Today, I needed you more than ever…

Your voice to calm, your ear to hear my cries, your hands caressing, comforting, calming. I took that ragged, over-sized, t-shirt from the bottom drawer. I bet I’ve washed it 100 times yet I swear it still holds your scent. I curled into a ball, my knees tucked under, as if it were you holding me. Closing my eyes I could see you next to me, my head on your lap as you ran your fingers through my red curls and wiped the tear from my cheek. As I press against your body, I listen to the beats of our hearts together as one and for this one moment, I forget…
Forget the loneliness, forget the sadness, forget that just a moment earlier I didn’t want to be in this world, not one more minute.

Today, I needed you more than ever… and there you were.

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