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Triad 2011



The success of the Triad is a culmination of incredible talentThe artistic gifts of our HCC students are gifts of admiration
and respect. As you are presented with the beauty, talent, and
creativity of these pages, I ask you to take time and absorb every
inch of this magazine with appreciation. The originality of the
artists is intriguing in all aspects of their talent, and it is evident
that they pour their hearts into their gift.
As a community college, Hillsborough Community College is an
incredible springboard for many venues for the future, whether
you choose to go directly into the work force, or continue your
education. The passion that is birthed in our arts program is the
result of a well-rounded, yet diverse program where students
can take their natural gifts and build upon them through the
encouragement of the wonderful professors and staff.
both from the students who have been selected to present their
works in the magazine, and the talent of the staff, and faculty
behind the scenes. I want thank all those who have made this
year’s magazine possible and invite to you, the reader, to enjoy.
And now, without further ado, we present the 2011 edition of
Triad magazine.
Lorianne DeLoreto
2011 Editorial Staff

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