Triad Magazine

A Hillsborough Community College Student Publication since 1978.

Triad 2014

Cover design by Kaitlan Corsell

Cover design by Kaitlan Corsell

As you can read in this year’s cover, we are celebrating five decades of art and culture. As a community college, Hillsborough Community College is an incredible springboard for many venues for the future, whether one chooses to go directly into the work force, or continue one’s education. The passion that is birthed in our arts program is the result of a well-rounded, yet diverse program where students can take their natural gifts and build upon them through the encouragement of the wonderful professors and staff.

In this edition, Triad showcases a variety of non-fiction, fiction, poetry, photographs and art.  All of the pieces were carefully selected from among a large number of submissions. If you are fortunate enough to find your artwork or literature chosen for publication, I want to congratulate and thank you for delighting us, the readers, with your gift. In addition, I would also like to express my gratitude to every single person behind the scenes who made this publication possible.

Our very best wishes go out to all HCC students and to our esteemed readers.  It is our sincere hope that you never tire in your pursuit of education, and that your thirst for knowledge and love of the arts never be quenched.  We hope you enjoy the 2014 Triad edition!

Giannina F. Vallas


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