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Hcc art show

Artist: Jenna Alderiso
Charcoal on Paper

~ Danica Jordan

A man and woman walk into a room filled with two-by-fours, a gigantic spider, and two thousand condoms… This isn’t the beginning of a corny joke. It was real life as I toured the Hillsborough Community College Art Gallery with Ben Stein, the Hawkeye News Photo Editor, and five HCC art students. HCC Ybor’s art gallery is located in the Performing Arts Building, in Room 114.

Jenna Alderiso, a second year sculpting major at HCC, won first prize for her untitled piece, made up of found objects (3,000 tea bags) that formed a large trench coat shape. The work included a short film, depicting an eerie coated figure walking backwards down a hallway. The work was inspired by Jenna’s desire to experiment with multiples, which are a series of identical art forms.

Artist: Alice Nelson
Iron and Mash

Alice Nelson, a sophomore at HCC who hopes to transfer to the University of Tampa to study art, experimented with crocheted wire in her untitled piece. Alice essentially knitted wire with a hook for her piece, which is certainly a time consuming labor of love. She hopes to experiment more with 3D in the future. Alice cites artist Ruth Azela, who is known for creating large bulbous curved wire crocheted forms as an inspiration. In regards to the spontaneous curves and peculiar, whimsical nature of the piece, Alice says “If you were stuck in my head for five minutes, this is what you’d see.”

Artist: Jessica Barber
Wood blocks

Jessica Barber used a metal grinder and a mini torch to manipulate a wooden two by four for her untitled piece. She wanted her piece to incorporate random, playful movement. Jessica normally enjoys welding, but now wood is her favorite medium to work with, because she enjoys how you can play with the texture, and change a simple piece of wood into something very unique.

Michelle or “Mich” Domanski’s piece titled DYK can be interpreted as either “dick” or “dyke”. It’s a piece that plays on the differences of human sexuality, and gay vs. straight. Michelle used 1500 condoms, wire, mesh and foam to create a piece that depicts a woman’s

Artist: Michelle Domanski
Condoms, wire mash and foam

vagina and draws on her own lesbian identity. The idea for her piece began as a joke. In class, Mich was brainstorming ideas for her next work when she laughed and jokingly commented “I should just make a vagina out of condoms.” Then the idea clicked and she decided to go for it. Mich describes getting some weird looks from Walmart employees as they rang her up for a dozen boxes ofcondoms one night. (She ordered about a thousand from online retailer Mich is a former criminal justice major who decided that fine art, which she once considered just a hobby, would make for a more satisfying future. Her interest in art began very early in her childhood when she and her father used to craft sculptures out of soap. Michelle hopes to complete her college career at the Ringling College of Art and Design with a concentration in either computer animation or film.

Cheryl Tubbs used only wood and a found object to create “Waterworks”, where she laminated and manipulated plywood until it resembled running water. Cheryl scoured several hardware stores before she found the perfect plumbing fitting valve to bring her piece to life. Her piece titled “arachnid” is a huge, menacing spider that she created by welding. Cheryl was brought up doing woodworking, but these days she’s been trying to get more into painting, welding, and printmaking.

Admission to HCC’s art gallery is always free.

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