Triad Magazine

A Hillsborough Community College Student Publication since 1978.


A Kiss From Bliss Audrey Blanco

A Perfect Person Stephanie Marquez

Appreciate Others Stephanie Marquez

Dead Weight Veronica Brezina

Guilty Grass Kaitlan Corsell

I Hear Tucson is Nice This Time of Year* Chris Gardner

In Certain Times Audrey Blanco

I Write Stephanie Marquez

Male Nourished Tiffany Garcia

More So Than None Hemsley Charles

Nevermore Stephanie Marquez

Nightly Nightmare William Russ Ricker

October Comes on a Scarecrow’s Head Audrey Blanco

Strangers Doors Stephanie Marquez

The Love Between Us Chauvelle Latty

Tight Rope Walking Krista Byrd

Tongue-Tied Stephanie Marquez

Your Heart Stephanie Marquez

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