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The Love Between Us

~ Chauvelle Latty

The grief, the agony, the rage.
The vulgar voice of the impudent beast, noshing at my brains.
The demented creature pierced me with her eyes, not caring how she felt about me,
walking arrogantly from the cemetery.
Brave and atrociously, I thought she pondered.
I walked to a close by house, pronominal and barren; I thought the gullible
monster had lost me.
I began to wander, the boards of the old house, while I walked screeched,
I grew afraid as I kept walking.
I stumbled upon a pitched and gloomy room. I entered;
I felt a frigorific breeze slashed my face.
Abnormally I stepped farther in to the room.
Compelled I kept going inside, until I heard a loud noise,
I suggested it was the door, but I wasn’t for sure since it was so dark.
I screamed stridently, knowingly the house was empty, no one could hear me.
I felt a caress. A tender and affectionate caress, my blood ran hot.
The caress suddenly turned in a strangle. I grabbed for something to hit the thing
that strangled me, but only thing I caught was my pillow.
I jumped up, realizing I was dreaming, or was I?
The bathroom light was flicked on several times, again I felt compelled.
Any longer was the audacity a part of me.
My actualization of my previous realization evidently was wrong.
I was in reality, cruel reality.
Everything started repeating itself, from the caress. This time around,
the caress lasted and stayed as a caress, it didn’t lead to nothing strange.
Unaware of who or what caressed me, in the dark I danced with the mystery,
as lights appeared enigmatically.
The light pierced my eyelids yet still; I kept them close,
being afraid of what was going on.
A familiar scent gushed across my nostrils. My love perhaps?
A wonderful person, jovial in all his ways, the perfect image that a woman could dream of,
as her life’s partner.
I opened my eyes slowly, and not to my surprise it was Nicolai webstar,
the chocolate to my milk, the cream to my coffee, the love of my life.
Rescued me from that deplorable shrew,
which had chased me for hours and made my night horrible.
Rescued me from heartbreak and hurt which had lasted for more than hours,
more than months, more than years.
My knight and shining armor, Nicolai webstar, to my rescue again he came.

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