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Tight Rope Walking

~ Krista Byrd

The sky has darkened
Clouds cover all that I see
The thunderous roar pressing down on me.

Always walking on a tight rope
Can be exhausting
The fear of looking,
The fear of falling.

During youth my wondrous gaze
Was able to look down and not be afraid.

And as I aged, the rope grew tighter,
The fire below burned all the brighter,
The clouds began to darken the sky,
The lightning began to cackle and cry

And as my walk continued to be
Full of fear, and want for free,
I stared straight down and there I saw,
Many people that once had to fall.

And on their faces,
Not worry nor pain,
Though some had burns that will always

For the ground below the ever tightening rope,
Was filled with relief,
With new roads,
With hope.

The thunder and lightening
Will not go away
The fire lapping my feet
Will most surely stay

But with every step forward
And every look down
The fear of my falling,
I surely can drown.

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