Triad Magazine

A Hillsborough Community College Student Publication since 1978.


~ Stephanie Marquez

It’s been far too long, friend,
Or should I say acquaintance?
I’ve finally decided to pick up a pen and write to you,
Decided to acknowledge the inner voice crying inside my head.
It’s been a few years now, and I’m sorry,
I lost sight of my plan,
Somewhere along my journey I strayed,
Emptiness filling me to the brim,
Where words were once my ally,
They soon became my foe,
And when I needed them the most,
They let me down below.
Tongue-tied, I was drowning in a sea of blue,
Choking on my opinions and apologies that were long overdue.
But then one night I felt myself resuscitate,
A light bulb clicked in my mind.
I waded my way through the water,
Encountering newfound strength,
No longer afraid to drown,
Once my feet touched land, I fluctuated between emotions,
Unsure if I should be happy to be filled again,
Or to be worried that I was reunited with my head.

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