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Poetry 2017

A Eulogy to Conversation



Love and Comprehension

The Mathematical Seasons

The Madness Consuming Us

Hell’s Kitchen

Be Humble

3 comments on “Poetry 2017

  1. neivyrodriguez
    January 25, 2019

    A Eulogy to Conversation really stuck out to me. Being a poet myself I’m always impressed by rhyme because it is so difficult for me to master. I love the nostalgic message the poem sent. It had a smooth flow throughout and allowed you to follow the piece with ease. Although other poems were equally as pleasant to read.

  2. carlaibanez
    January 31, 2019

    Every poem was beautiful to read, but Love and Comprehension is the poem that I loved the most. I have always loved reading poetry and how the words are able to express feelings so perfectly.

  3. arivera150
    September 7, 2019

    My personal favorites are A Eulogy to Conversation and The Madness Consuming us.

    In a Eulogy to Conversation, Castro beautifully composes the unfortunate descent of human connection versus our connection to smartphones. Our phones have become a piece of ourselves, our little life line. We use our phones as a safe haven, as an escape, from the reality of our world. As a society, the majority of us have formulated our smartphones to become a priority as we neglect the reality around us.

    In The Madness Consuming Us, I completely agree with Castro. For me, my lust to write stems ultimately from anger, resentment, depression, and sometimes happiness. There is beauty in sadness and rage.

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