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Study Drugs

By Chris Rogers


Have you ever found yourself needing

to ace an exam in order to get the grade

you have been working for all year?

What would you be willing to do to

get that grade? Some college students

are so desperate and hung up on the

pressure of school they are willing to

risk their health simply to gain an edge

on exams.

The drugs prescribed for attention

deficit hyperactivity disorder, such as

Adderall and Vyvanse, are intended

to help individuals focus and stay on

track during school and studying hours.

These drugs are being acquired illegally

by college students for multiple uses. As

a form of recreational entertainment or

as a studying aid. Far more people are

using these drugs than are prescribed


HCC student Brett Hagen, 22, said he

has used Adderall in the past to help

himself stay awake and study. He also

said that he has taken the medication

to stay awake during long road trips.

Hagen is not prescribed the medication

but said it was not difficult to acquire.

“Aderall?” he said. “It only cost me $10.”

Although Hagen has stopped using

Adderall to help him study, he said

he is aware of many students using it

regularly, not just for studying but to get

high, in some cases even snorting the

medication to intensify the effects.

Study Drugs

By Chris Rogers

Hagen also has met some people who

are prescribed the medication, but

who aren’t taking it at all. “They are

prescribed a month at a time, so these

kids would rather hustle their pills for

seven or eight bucks a piece than take

them for school,” said Hagen.

Dr. Michael Gaynor, a Tampa physician,

said taking the medication without a

prescription can be very dangerous. He

said that the medication is essentially an

amphetamine, which can escalate blood

pressure and heart rate.

“An adverse reaction to the medication

could cause an individual to stroke out

or cause seizures and ticks to occur,”

said Gaynor.

So before you consider drugs like these,

think about the long-term effects you

might be inflicting on your body.

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