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Unpredicated Pastorale

by Edwin Kelley

Diminished doppler tones of distant trains, wind through open window,
blue pink dawn and black tree silhouettes.


Aunt Belinda’s afghan interwoven orange and yellow, involuntary shudders shivers shoulders window shuttered.

“Yes yes.”

Early morning day’s unspoken promise premise sunlight golden yellow rays of bronze glissando evanescent.

“Yes yes yes.”

Colgate kiss pianoforte flute and cello bass bassoons with horns and strings and arms akimbo, dénouement diminuendo.

“Allegro ma non troppo; Beethoven’s Sixth.”
“Fast but…?”
“Not too much.”

Clothes and shoes and cars and jobs ‘til evening’s quiet rains, augmented amber tones of copper trains.

“F major.”

Blended horns and flutes of brass and silver whispered strings, segued metered measured masterings.

“Three times four and four times three.”
“Twelve and twelve?”

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