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An ocean wide

An ocean wide

~ Katie Callihan

It’s not a word that we exchange.
It’s not an action or limited range.
It’s not time.
It’s not space.
It cannot be concentrated from race
to race.
It’s bigger than that.
It’s a trigger pulled back.
It’s bullets of life are released to you
and me.
That temporary pain has set all of us free;

But we can’t see;

Because we are blinded by its shadow-
A lie, that’s dark with insides so hallow.
We struggle to follow,
The truth in its definition- The light in its reflection.
I hear that it keeps no record of wrongs
But I remain the opposite of its perfection.
If it’s white, then I’m black.
I just want to get back,
Back to where I was.

So I look around.

I look to the people,
They all point to the steeple,
But their eyes are focused,
focused on other people.
They say, “There is the Father.
In there is victory.”
No this can’t be.
For He is love and He is in me.
So I point up to you.
A direct connection of perfect Love
blowing through.
It’s a storm, and I’m drowning,
No vessel, no crew.

I can see the waters surge past high tide.
I recognize the peace in this storm.
For this, I was born.
I will rest knowing that from East to West
and growing,
Your love is an ocean wide.

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