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For some, its Bernie or bust


On July 27, in sunny Philadelphia, a Black Men for Bernie Sanders rally took center stage in the middle of the DNC venues.
Loud and boisterous, the group Black Men for Bernie eagerly ran the rally with vigorous speeches listeners could not turn away from easily.

The Black Men for Bernie Sanders rally was center stage at the DNC in Philadelphia.

Chanting “BERNIE, BERNIE, BERNIE” or “BERNIE OR BUST,” supporters held up a variety of signs. Someone even brought out a piñata of Donald Trump.
The only violence noticeable was the heavy beating the piñata took in front of the relatively young crowd. It was truly a can’t miss experience.

A variety of activists attended the rally to express their constitutional right to freedom of speech. Signs supporting “Pro-Choice,” “Pro-Life,” “Jesus,” and “Black Lives Matter” filled the square. Signs of various kinds were colorfully decorated and the vocal opinions of everyone who attended the rally were heard; however, there were more Bernie Sanders signs than anything else, with “Bernie, or Jill or Both!” being a close second.
The Black Men for Bernie crew also advocated for Jill Stein, as an alternative to Bernie, who officially lost the Democratic nomination to Hillary Clinton just hours before the event. The group even invited Stein to speak.  Law enforcement were everywhere to keep the peace, and the rally was full of suspense. With such a large variety of protestors and supporters in one venue, it appeared something extreme could happen at any moment. This was a full blown public movement, and people who attended the rally were going to be heard.
Black Men for Bernie was founded by Bruce Carter. Carter believes that the Democratic Party is corrupt, but Bernie Sanders in the best candidate for the African-American community.
He also believes votes are rigged for Hillary Clinton. Carter said he will continue to fight against Hillary Clinton’s campaign even though Sanders is no longer in the race. Carter’s campaign is on a roll, and it seems there is no plan to stop anytime soon.
A Black Men for Bernie Sanders rally is something unique. The rally embraced all types of people from all different backgrounds, religions, values and ethnicity.
It appears that for some it is “Bernie or Bust”.

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