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men 2~ Michael Wilt

Society calls us pigs.

I would definitely have to agree.
But for you ladies who want to stop there,
it gets even better, just keep reading to see.

They say we look at girls with judgmental and lustful eyes.

And in all honesty, that is very true,
I’ve seen it with my own set of two.

We say “we’ll call you back.”
But you know we never do.
And the biggest reason for that is
We’ve had enough of you.

You complain, you whine, and you nag us to death.

That’s why we “accidentally” run over your dog
And wear that ugly sweater-vest.

All in all this poem sounds like dead on truth.

But in reality it couldn’t be farther from it…

except for the constant nagging.

The truth about us men is we love your laugh, your smile, and even your loud snoring.

But what really matters in the end is that we love you to death.

We’ll attend your dog’s funeral too.

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