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A Shocking Find

Untitled by Stephanie Swadman; Print

A Shocking Find
by Tiffany Thomas

It is only when you look at something,
That it will disappear,

And like a light so bright and white,
Your insight will become quite clear.

Look at a cloud cascading
Across a crisp blue sky.
No, no…….look
With more than just your eye.

Can you see the dancing dewdrops?
Synchronized in song,
Swirling like a school of salmon,
Together all along?

Is it still a cloud
When the space between is seen?
Is it still recognizable
When your vision is clean?

Or take, perhaps, your body,
Limbs, lips and all.
Examine every crack, wrinkle, and small
Freckle and veins.
What is this skin we’re in?
99 percent empty space
And we look like aliens.

Perhaps this is all too soon for you.
Don’t shed a tear of fear.
For nothing in your universe
Is really present here.

Indeed, like a fallen tree,
With no one to see or hear.
If you weren’t able to make it up,
It would all disappear.

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