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Next pair of eyes

Next pair of eyes~  Khatool Kohsar

Spiraling down in a circular motion,
So light, yet so full of emotions.
Dark and snake like I appear
From a distance too near.

You see me yet you don’t know me
I am the nightmare creeping into your dreams
Waking you, trembling you, raging you fear.
Darkness against light
Light against darkness
However, color nonexistent.

Sharp and full of edginess
I come with all shapes and sizes.
You may see it as a surprise
That I am art come in disguise.

I hang on a thin thread
So fine, so delicate yet so strong.
Allowing no danger to come upon.

Minutes, hours, days, and years go by
You change, the world changes.
Yet I remain still and unchanged
Waiting patiently for the next pair of eyes.

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