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Triad 2010

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Dear Triad readers,

As you peruse the pages of Hillsborough Community College’s 2010 edition

of the Triad, you may notice a recurring theme in its glossy pages–humanity.

This topic strikes a chord of familiarity within each of its readers, for it

is something with which everyone can easily identify. A subject such as

“humanity” is one which always has been and always will be something that

holds people together.

When you study these photographs or read these poems and other literary

works, I encourage you to let your mind be open to imagination. Connect

the art with the words. Create your own story behind an ambiguous

photograph. The very nature of art extends an open invitation to the

imagination; you need only accept to find your mind designing exotic,

thrilling stories with fresh mental images accompanying them.

The pieces in this edition of the Triad were carefully selected from

among a large number of submissions. If you were fortunate

enough to find your artwork or literature chosen for publication, I

encourage you to not only take pride in this fact but also to enjoy

the works of your peer artists and writers. Those who are always

ready to learn are those who know the most!

Therefore, I have great pleasure in introducing to you the

2010 Triad. Thank you for reading, I greatly hope your

experience is not only pleasant but informative as well.


Noelle Chew, Editor-in-Chief, 2010 Triad

One comment on “Triad 2010

  1. astridnmullix
    September 8, 2019

    I love the colors on the photo. I also believe in allowing imagination to run wild when reading poetry or seeing photographs. All of it is an art.

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