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Test time

Test time~ Alex Diehl

Finally living my life, eighteen years, done with dreams
Last thing that I’m thinking is responsibility.

Out of the house, out of country, let’s look and see,
Searching the map to find insanity.

“Oktoberfest!” or “Die Wiesen” as its called over there.
Scents of Brautwurst, beer, women
Drift the warm summers air.

Trombones, dancing, singing, in colored carnival tents
We put back our beers, laughing Brost!! Cheers!!
And on it went!!

Uhhhh, few to many, how did I get in this bed?
…And why are my hands tied up over my head?

She slides back in the room, glass of wine, black corset
“Just lie back and enjoy… I’m doing the rest.”

Two days heading south on an old stuffy train,
Really not so bad, considering I feel insane.

Now serving up drinks, crowded bar, northern Spain,
Tourist girls, drink and flirt, as they call out my name.

“OH MY GOD!! Your the bartender, I want your life!
AND your taking us out to the night clubs tonight!”

Long warm crazy nights, abroad and carefree.

It’s not a dream anymore, It how I wanted life to be,
And a self-satisfied smile, fills me internally.

But now Im back home
Slapped in the face, reality.

Alone in a room I push it out in my head
“Seventy five plus, THAT IS more than expected,
And at least a quarter, I wasn’t protected.”

“Oh this sucks… no more fun.”
“Time to go and get tested.”

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