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Monster within

By Brittany Perry
I want to dream in peace
Far from the haunting storm drawing on apace
Whose windswept, evil thunders race
And echo; yet my mind still hears
Taunts from within that reach my ears
Hurtful lies and bleak despise
Hurled from cloudy, darkened skies
Rid me of this endless night; I long to be free
Of this monster within me
I am, alone, anon distraught
Disarmed by the miseries this storm has wrought
Oh lonely night, conceal this pain
Let memory’s leaded drops of rain
Wash away the moonlit sky
Heaven, hear my pleading cry
Turn the night into a glowing dawn
That I can set my skyward wings upon
Let the sun from its hiding rise
And with its warmth revive the skies
Quell the storm; let peace win
And kill this monster from within

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