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Playlist Live

By Raymiya Thicklin

Playlist Live is a YouTube convention held Friday,  April 22, to Sunday, April 24. Various content creators like Nikki Phillippi, Tpindell, and Austin Null came together to host panel discussions, live shows, and concerts.

Playlist Live was not just limited to YouTube, content creators from Vine and other streaming sites joined and contributed to this three-day event. However, the content creators playlistwere not just there to be entertaining, they were informational tools to many individuals who attended the event.

Individuals had the ability to receive vital information on how to grow their online presence. There were panel discussions from getting started on making a YouTube channel, Body and Self Confidence, and Balancing YouTube and Your Life.

Having it all: Balancing YouTube and Your Life focused on keeping up with content creation while you have other things going on your life. Austin Null from The Nive Nulls on YouTube moderated the panel discussion.

The content creators who joined this panel were Nikki Phillippi, Alyx Weiss, Ella Elbells, Fur, Evan Dinger, Cameron Phillips, and TimH.

The coordinators at Playlist Live picked these certain creators because their lives were not just centered on YouTube. These content creators have side jobs, some are college students and others are full-time creators.

They all agreed time management is one of the essential factors to developing a great balance between video content and their daily life routines. Ella Elbells is a freshman in high school, and she is able to schedule times around school to film. She gets help from her parents on planning and scheduling meetings for YouTube. TimH says, “You have to be realistic with managing your time. So when you are planning your videos make a to-do list and break them up into manageable chunks. Saying I’m going to film three videos in one day isn’t being realistic, on the other hand you should say ‘after work I’m going to make bullet points on what I want to talk about in the vlog and then the next day you can turn it into a script.

After that is done, you can set up a day and time to go ahead and film the video. Once the filming is done you can edit it in just a couple of hours.”

TimH believes this is the best way to make your video creations manageable. He adds, “You can’t just say I’m going to make a video, because you  have to know the other aspects to making a YouTube video.” Vlogging is an art, and one worth following for
Playlist fans everywhere.


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