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The lake

The lake

~ Audra Bartling

The star studded black of night
Creeps through the mountains
Drenching the trees with silence
Holding the wind,
Peace and solitude covering the lake
Like an heirloom quilt
While moonlight twinkles on still water

No leaves rustling, no breeze
No sweet songs,
No clicking, popping or scratching
Only quiet

Morning strikes
As the cool crisp air sends chills down my spine
Energizing the trees as it flows in and out, in and out
Rustling their leaves like a soft whisper
Caressing the mountains,
Whirling, up, up into the sky
Dragging the sleepy sun higher and higher

Until a dim glow peers through the trees
Against gloomy jagged rocks
Streaming brighter as it dances out onto the lake
Glistening in silver and blue
Bouncing off dull drooping evergreens and pines
As if to say, “Wake up, it is time.”

The forest is lifted from its slumber
As trees crack and bend with the wind
Stretching their tired limbs
Blue Jays first morning song welcomes the dawn
Squirrels and chipmunks click and pop
While scratching around
The mountain tops reaching up into the sky
Blanketed by soft clouds drifting by

Energy is flowing across the mountains
Reaching in to every crevice
Gently touching everything as softly
As a mother waking her child

I begin to feel the energy starting to course through the trees
Like the blood in my veins
Bright eye piercing light softens into
The vibrant colors of green and blue
Waking my tired body

I hear the emerald water lapping at the shore
It pulls at my heart and then releases
Relaxing my spirit
Calming my soul

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