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My lost love

My lost love~ Olivia Hutchinson

I would never imagine you would be gone so soon,
Leaving my life shattered and my heart filled with gloom.

They say time will heal,
but nothing will change the way I feel.

For months, I have provided a home for you,
and now you have left me sad and blue.

You taught me how strong I could be,
and like nobody else, you loved me for me.

It has been 8 months, yet still I find,
there hasn’t been a second that you weren’t on my mind.

Though I know you’re safe in God’s loving embrace,
how I wish I could have seen your precious little face.

One comment on “My lost love

  1. Erodgz96
    January 25, 2019

    It is always a sad thing to lose someone you love. Time can pass by at any given moment, but we can never forget and the pain we feel will always be there. This piece was very beautiful. It showed grief and strength one might have when losing a loved one.

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