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Eachtra Coirpeach

by Melissa Gullo

Through moors of rock and pleated greens we
drift, shaving mountainous corners.

Winding, weaving the Irish Burren where fey
creatures sifted into craggy moss.

Our shamrock van leaves
deep indents along moist swamp, passing
shacks housing sheep and wayward shepherds.

Crumbling cliffs mimic our roll; aerial assaults
attack the brackish lake below.

Water dark as a drum of Guinness froths the
past, but I’m peripheral in this cursive culture:
they dug in hard-starved earth,
and sought the oval-gesture of potato.

I schedule
empathy, a shameful sojourner with a raincoat
to repentance.

Down-slough of rain veils our advance.

We brake to invent adventure and a history we
can placate.

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