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Beauty in the Dark

By Katelynn Murdock

Close your eyes and see what I see

Life in the soul

Beauty in the mind

Love in the heart

Turn the lights off

Turn your mind off

Turn life off

See as you should

The truth

Don’t watch the madness

Listen to the minds

Learn from the talk

Don’t let your eyes do this

Let your ears show you

Listen to the voices

Pay attention to the conversation

Notice the silence

Follow my voice

You can’t see me, but I can see you

Fear of safety

Fear of freedom


Why so much

You see what they want you to see

They see what they want

Sound is precious

Listen to the steps behind you

Pay attention to the whispers

Notice the silence

Beauty is silent

Silence is precious

You have to cherish it while you can

Remember what they told you

Follow the rules

Hear them

Remember them

Learn from them

Teach them

You can hear more than you can see

You can’t see what you can hear

Don’t let the beauty distract you

That’s what they want

See what you want

Not what they want

Close your eyes

Only fools see beauty

Beauty is a sin

Beauty is immortal

We don’t need beauty

Beauty needs us

Close your eyes and see what I see:


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