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The Brag that Matters

By Tiffany Thomas
I would love to feel powerful
I would love to know that what I do matters
That I matter
That I exist at all
I would love to have control
To have everyone do what I say
I would love to be the boss
A king on my throne
Problem with kings is
They’re not really the boss at all
More like a symbol
For a network of people
Like a web to hold the spider up
But I am not a spider
I would love to see success
I would love to be rich and hold prestige
To be adored by all
The world is mine for the taking
But a king of kings would not know such love
Indeed, the world is my palette
I would love to love, truly
To see beauty in all of its unending radiance
I would love to see myself in others
To dance in the vibrancy of all that is
I would love to give love to others
To dig them out of their coffins
Laced in dazzling earthly trimmings
If only just one
That would be enough
I would love to make a blind man see
To give him all of eternity
For this is the love that matters
Indeed, it is in this love
That I exist at all

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