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By Brian Almendarez

It starts in the morning, when I rise

it happens every day – yet, still takes me by


I’m flooded by the waves of reminiscence –

of what was, on what is – and what could be our


If only what I dream of at night could be,

instead of this misery of reality

then forever you and I could together stand

before this Red Sea of Life – hand in hand

and part the waters – see no sinking sand.

I travail through days as a wounded warrior –

pressing through as if an escapee

from behind the enemy lines of my heart

where I’m ambushed by my biggest enemy…me.

But I must press on – a fire still burns;

somewhere within, what’s left of my spirit yearns

for the times when you and I can be at peace.

And be at rest but yet unharnessed

until eternal Life’s release.

Until then my Love’s thirst is never quenched

and will fall for no other’s deceit;

For until God re-unites us again

I am truly incomplete.

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