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Your Heart

~ Stephanie Marquez

My heart hungers for you;
It thirsts to hear your words,
Yearning to pulse rapidly.
If this is not love,
then I don’t know what is.

A thousand kisses from you
wouldn’t be enough.
It wouldn’t satisfy me,
nor would it close up the
wormhole in my chest
which has threatened to
swallow me whole for years.

With your panther eyes staring,
my own grow large like a
gazelle caught in an ambush.
I am your prey,
but I do not run.

Breaking out in small shivers,
with goosebumps dancing across my skin,
My breath gets caught in my throat.
I gasp quietly from your touch,
curious as to what you have to offer.

Caught in an invisible web,
I am drawn to you like a moth to a flame.
I feel myself cave in;
My heart once frozen, thawing:
I’m melting.

Without a single thought,
I allow myself to be swallowed whole
in the shallow pools of your heart.

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