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New Orleans ghost hunt


In the spirit of all things, October, Halloweenie, and Spooky HCC’s Hawk Media Club decided to celebrate being in one of the most haunted cities in America by doing a Paranormal Ghost Hunt. Now there is a difference between a Ghost Hunt and a Ghost Tour. A Ghost Hunt includes using actual equipment certified to pick up higher levels of energy, and electronic signals that the normal human senses could not get. A Ghost Tour just includes walking in areas with known activity and learning about the history there.
The Ghost Tour began at around 10:30pm at 1022 Royal Street, Downtown NOLA, in a home that is located behind a traditional bookstore, Voodoo, and Occult shop called Starling Magickal. After about a 13 block hike we finally arrive and meet a very intricate man by the name of Michael Bill, he was to be our Ghost Hunting guide for the night. He introduced himself and then the group waited for about another 15 minutes for the final two members of the Hunt to arrive.

Hawk Media Club students engage with tour host Michael Bill.

Through a pitch black yard and up some steps into the house where all of the paranormal activity that they would be studying for the night was located. Inside the home Michael Bill began by introducing himself and then giving a little back story on the home and the fellow spirits that resided there. The only ghost that stuck out was Johnny. Johnny was stabbed out on the bay of downtown Nola and earlier that day the group had passed a trash can that said “Johnny was stabbed here.” 100% eerie and spooked the majority of the club.
After descriptions of the ghosts Bill then introduced everyone to the technology that we would be using. There were camcorders, recorders, EMF meters, etc. Everyone got to pick and choose which device they wanted and finally the Ghost Hunt began. The group was split in half about 5 per group. One went upstairs while the other stayed in the garden. The garden was pretty active. We would ask Yes or No questions and then have the spirit respond to us by alerting the EMF meter which let out a high pitch squeal whenever something was touching it. That was the thing. Something had to be touching it in order to set it off, so when it would go off that was definitely something worth documenting on video. Upstairs did not give nearly any signs of Paranormal activity and around midnight the Hawk Media Club was ready to head out even though the Hunt lasted until about 1:30am.
Overall, it was a very interesting and intriguing experience. The paranormal activity itself was limited and only happened on minor occasions, but it was a blast of a time and Michael Bill was a character in and of himself.

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