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Deep Love

By Stephen Simmons

What is the extent of my love?

I would walk across the street

for you.

Tell someone to make you some soup if

you were sick

Help you with your personal issues

until something better came along

Buy you red roses if they weren’t too


Have long, intimate conversations until

the Cleveland Cavaliers game comes


Be there by your side if you promised

to help me out with a loan

Take you out for an expensive,

romantic dinner if you promise to split

the check

Tell you how beautiful you are when

I’m in a good mood

Buy you a box of chocolates and eat the

pieces I’m positive you don’t like so you

won’t have to

be bothered with them.

Say I love you if none of my friends are


Allow you to stay in the same room

with me while I watch the

Super Bowl

Not express my severe distaste for your

lack of style and lame personality

I wholeheartedly vow to give you part

of me whenever it’s convenient.

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