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Monster revisited

Monster~ Courtney Combs

Hello again. Oh, don’t pretend you don’t recognize me. We’ve known each other for years. Ah ha! There is it, you remember don’t play coy darling. I used to summer in your closet, I know you better than you know yourself.

I often miss those days living under your bed. You kept it so clean, I appreciated that more than you could possibly imagine. Then you had to grow up, much too fast for my liking. You were so cute! So small with those big baby eyes.

I never left but you know that. I would tap at your window at night, or rustle things downstairs, maybe push your bedroom door a bit. Oh! Those were fun times weren’t they?

Now you’re a grown up, aren’t you? A proper adult. Living with your loving new husband and that precious little dog of yours. You forgot all about me, so I thought that since your brave new husband and yappy little dog aren’t home I’d pop by for a visit, and remind you that I’m still and will always be here.

I’ve grown up too. No more shadows, no more closets, and don’t bother checking under your bed                                                                                             anymore. I’m beyond all of that silliness now. I grew                                                                                                 up and got strong, and I realized that I don’t need my                                                                                                 precious little baby girl anymore. No night-lights or                                                                                                       teddy bears can help you now sweetie.

One comment on “Monster revisited

  1. tommyeliason
    February 26, 2013

    Very entertaining! The point-of-view of a childhood “monster in the closet” was a unique subject to write about. I like how this monster was though of as an actual monster causing chaos and making scary noises as the person was younger. The monster grew as the person did and now it seems like it can embody a more grown-up frightening moment. Everyone had that though of “what if that noise was caused by the monster under the bed?” when they were younger and most probably fear it will come back!

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