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I am Me

By Rachel Robinson

I am a mixture of races.

I am a mutt and a mongrel.

Call me what you want,

but the fact of the matter is, that I AM.

I danced an Irish jig to the liveliest of tunes,

believed in leprechauns and all the wee folk,

survived the potato famine,

and finally managed to make my way to the New World.

I fought in the War of the Roses

with the crown upon my head.

But do not worry–

I will not ask you to bow to me.

Part of my spirit walked

the Trail of Tears as a Cherokee.

Somehow, the fates were kind,

and I managed to survive.

I owned slaves,

but in the Civil War,

I fought for their freedom and died for it.

I have crossed the world

as an immigrant many times over.

Sometimes, I lived;

while other times, my fortune and freedoms

were held up by my children.

I was a soldier and a nurse

in many of the wars,

fighting for what I believed in

during all times and places.

I am me.

I see.

I recognize.

I acknowledge my past–

the good and the bad,

and hope that what I contribute now

will be worthy of who I am

and who I will be.

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