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Early Registration saves time and frustration

By Keena Hay wood

Registration can be a frustrating experience for new HCC students. Pursuing higher education is a responsible move, yet sometimes the pursuit can be confusing- not to mention time-consuming. However, registration for classes can be exceptionally easy if students begin the registration process early- at least several weeks before classes begin. Once a first-time HCC student has taken his or her placement exam, he or she should seek immediate assistance in selecting a degree or program of study. Returning students should consider during the preceding semester which courses they need or want to take next. It is for both of these reasons that early visits to the Offices of Academic Advising and Counseling are musts for both new and returning students. Wait time in these offices can be long, especially in peak registration periods; many experienced students bring books, snacks, and a lot of patience to pass the time. Try to make appointments with your Academic Advisor and Counselor early, knowing that you will be rewarded with very valuable guidance that will save time and simplify the registration process down the road. Students can also get better understandings of each course they are considering by checking for prerequisites and visiting campus bookstores to find out the required reading loads. Prepared with advice from HCC staff and your own personal research, you should be able to progress through the registration process with few problems; registering early will help to ensure that you can secure your space in the highest-demand courses. Returning students can even forgo registering on campus by registering online using the Hawknet system. If you do not have a computer at home, numerous open computers are available on each HCC campus. If you follow this advice, registering early can save you time and frustration- now, who couldn’t do without those?

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