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An Artist’s Statement

By C.D. Olano

I state that I am an artist. Does that make it so? Two answers; “Only time will tell” or “Of course, we are all artists that create.” I create, but to what end? For the purpose of creation, for myself, or for someone else? All the answers are shallow. If art had purpose, function, statements, it would not be art. It would be a fashionable and angry can opener. I am the can opener, art is the tuna. I am not exactly sure how it got there, and I have no real guarantee that it is dolphin safe. I like to paint because I like to look at things. Ironically, I am legally blind. I could be artistically blind, and not even know. I am stating now that I do not care. I am not one for long words about paintings. If it can not speak for itself, it was not meant to. I don’t give a voice to paint; I give paint to the canvas. I do this because there is so much canvas in the world that needs to be covered. As a human being, I hope to accomplish great things. As an artist, I hope to cover more canvas. I hope I like looking at it. I hope someone else likes it also. I hope someone wants to put it on the wall, and not in some dark drawer, whilst they are confused and think it is an angry can opener. I hope all my paintings aren’t dolphin safe, metaphorically speaking. I state that I am a conduit for God’s thoughts, as impressive as some dull tree that springs new life from its tips year after year without ever stating why. A true statement. I am a tree, and like a tree, I hope to take carbon dioxide and make it into oxygen. I hope to give shade and fruit. I hope not to be confused with an angry but fashionable can opener, and, by virtue of being a tree, I am dolphin safe.

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