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Ode to Flowers

By Ann Marie Beck

Their beauty is mesmerizing,
Colors of nature in the glistening sun
As wind spreads the fragrance through the crisp air.
Instantly, they bring mirth, stemming from a bouquet
Luminous phenomenons of the ground, we are indebted to your beauty.
Thank you for the ravishment you bestow on our days.
Used and sometimes forgotten, your dedication flabbergasts me.
You flourish within the vernal equinox, and yet still
Grant us beauty throughout the year.
Pollinating year after year to survive, You provide me with certainty
Of the world that surrounds me.
Your simple presence brightens my days
And clears my thoughts, as I try;
I try so hard
To be as prosperous as you have so beautifully done.
Your abundance of color, smell, and friends
Makes me wish I liked insects
Just to have the simplicity and friendships you have created.
The butterflies of magnificent color,
The creators of sweet honey,
And the surreal patterns of hues.
Flowers, an ode to you
For the comfort and peace you provide.
I bow to your elegance.
Your meaning through birth and death, In hospitals, weddings, or on a sill,
I will never disguise your charm.

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