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Wake up World

By Alexandra Klos

Society, politics, corporations, and all
Create the reality that alters our fall
People become hypnotized by the material world
Some are able to break that sense, and I’m just one girl

Earth gives us everything we need and it’s funny
Because the human race crafted it to revolve around money
We’re destroying our planet, our lives, ourselves
Don’t buy reality’s product let your eyes delve

What others need to see is that life is in the trees
Along with the creatures that makeup all species
It’s in soil on the earth tendered with the sun shown through the sky
The fresh water that’s disappearing quenching to survive

The Industrial Revolution wasn’t created to be a disaster
Irony is presented for it’s making the human race disintegrate faster
Our transportation is causing severe global warming
We’re blind to conflicts we’ve been forming

Caught in an illusion with having time forever fly
It’s the getting stuck in morality where life passes us by
Every last magical mind should help make this change
To recognize, it is society, not life, which tempts the game

Do yourself a favor and wake up and look around
View the human destruction done to your own town
It’s gone global with every single continent alone
Few recognize this yet we still eternally own

Our cynical thoughts and desires which became the catastrophe’s aide
We can tear it down just as quickly as it was made
Sacrificing your wants is something you’ll have to make
But your needs will be satisfied when beings finally awake

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