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Freedom Tower

By Natalia Fonseca

Photographers Brenda Medina, Geshonda Manning, & Raydel Yanes

A site of the World Trade Center Path subway entrance where people of New York are going through their daily activities.

Something is missing. Although it’s still instantly recognizable, the Manhattan skyline hasn’t looked the same in five years. Without its famous towers, it almost looks naked, but with the construction of the new Freedom Tower underway, the obvious emptiness will be filled. The Twin Towers, the most distinguishable features of the World Trade Center complex, were most famous for their incredible height. Each tower had 110 stories. The South tower stood 1,362 feet and the North tower stood 1,368 feet, due to its enormous antenna. After dominating the Manhattan skyline for 28 years, the towers became the target of a shocking terrorist attack. On September 11, 2001, two teams of Al Qaeda suicide hijackers crashed two commercial airplanes into the towers, causing them to collapse and kill over 2, 700 people. After the attacks, plans of what to do with the site, now known as Ground Zero, were proposed left and right. After much debate, it was decided that Ground Zero will be home to the new Freedom Tower. The Freedom Tower will be a simple, yet, breath-taking, skyscraper planned to recapture the Manhattan skyline. Construction on the tower began late last year and is said will be finished by 2010. When completed, the tower, including its antenna, will be 1,776 feet high. Like the Chrysler Building and the Empire State Building, the tower will be slender and in triangular form. A shimmering glass surface will be at the base of the tower to reflect its surroundings and serve as a glowing beacon. Inside the building, 2.6 million square feet of office space will be available, as well as world-class restaurants, and access to the subway and into the World Financial Center. Above all else, the Freedom Tower will have top-of-the-line safety features that surpass New York City Building Code expectations. Aside from extra strong fireproofing, the Freedom Tower will have biological and chemical filters in the air supply system. The Freedom Tower will, without doubt, be America’s new icon of beauty, strength, and perseverance– A memorial for all the lives that were lost on those grounds five years ago– the symbol of an unforgettable past and a bright future.

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