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By Kathryn Lipsch

My lonely mind searches as I stand silent and alone lost in a crowd of people, quietly waiting, wanting. I know you are out there waiting for me just as I wait for you. But loneliness pervades the heart and the soul leaning on innocence so determined and brave. Waiting is difficult for the right moment in time to meet once again. In a new lifetime, we start over, together here, in a new existence.

A soul mate is forever timelessly riding a circle with no beginning and no end on eternity’s long journey. Through a vortex of other times, the search seems lonely. My heart says I’ll know you by your smile or the look in your eyes or by the touch of your hand or the curve of your face. Sometimes, I sense your nearness. I feel your breath on my cheek only to realize a soft breeze of summer gives that kiss and caress.

Or is it you in thought form? Are you looking for me with your mind? The crowd around draws me closer, but I turn to step away. “Oh-sorry. I didn’t see you there.” Apology on my lips is now surprise in my eyes. Our minds recognize the new faces as our touching hands recognize the souls. “I’ve been looking for you,” he says. The familiar voice echoes through untold time. Now the lost is found. Our two souls unite again, and, with the stage now set, our ‘Act II’ journey begins..

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