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In Concert

By Andrew DeLuna

It is a Thursday evening and on Central Avenue in St. Petersburg, there is a crowd of people waiting in line outside of the legendary State Theatre. The line has been building since about 6:00 pm, even though the doors for the show won’t open until 8:00 pm sharp. The people are waiting to see if they will catch a glimpse of “The Veronicas” before they head on stage. “The Veronicas,” an Australian pop duo of twin sisters are already headlining their own tour after just one debut album. Their album, “The Secret Life of….” has been garnishing positive reviews since its release on February 14, 2005. The doors to the venue open, and the crowd, who is made up mostly of teenage girls, races to the front to see their new favorite act take the stage. But before the headliners go on, there are two new bands opening up the show. First up is the soon to be TRL favorites, “The Jonas Brothers.” The Columbia Records-signed pop trio of under 18 brothers will soon be making their way into your little sister’s iPod. Their undeniably catchy songs are hard to avoid, and you just can’t help but bob your head.
Their album, “It’s About Time” hits stores on May 2nd and will more than likely hit platinum status. next to take the stage is the latest band to be signed by “Fueled By Ramen.” The label who put out the pre-TRL “Fall out Boy” album has found their next winning band. As they take the stage, “October Fall” seems confident enough to deliver a strong set. And they do just that. opening their ½ hour set, the band delivers “Upside Down We Dream” flawlessly. They roar through selected songs from their album, “A Season in Hell” with ease. This is one band to keep your eyes on; they are only just getting started.

Once everyone is settled after seeing two hot new bands perform, the audience is ready for “The Veronicas.” Jess and Lisa Origliasso make up “The Veronicas.” Having hit stardom in Australia, the girls are ready to take the U.S. by storm. They open up their spunky hour-long set with “Revolution,” even though their album has been out only for a month everyone in the audience knows every word. These girls are talented, to say the least. There is a quality about them that you just have to like. Their songs throughout the show showcase their soaring vocals. Going acoustic for the ballad “Heavily Broken” really shows that these girls aren’t just your average pop group. There is no acid reflux here. This group is pure talent. Reaching towards the end of the set, the girls broke out with their most widely known single, “4Evr.” listening to their album before I arrived at the show, I came to a conclusion about the girls. They have taken the bland pop formula and given it a nice spin. on their debut album, they do what Avril Lavigne had to do over the course of two albums. They balance the light/dark sounds of pop perfectly, and it shows in their stage presence. Overall, not a bad way to spend a Thursday evening, even if most of the audience had to make it to homeroom in the morning. For more information on “The Veronicas” visit, and for Jonas Bros. Also, they all have mySpace pages, so be sure to add them as your friend.

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