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By Felipe Velazquez

Help me! Help me, please!

It’s gone! Gone missing or taken!

What am I to do?

It was here or maybe there,

In this very room!

I swore with a prayer

To never leave it bare

And so it was placed in a tomb

To be consumed very soon.

And who knew where I placed it?

Was it one of you who knew?

Someone now has all of my fortunes.

Slim and thin, I know it was not much

But I put all my trust in its luck

And now all is lost.

I am doomed

The soul-less man beating his tin can:

“Finders keepers leave losers weepers”

And what a poor plan

To leave my fate in the post-dinner plate

Look now. See this.

The sarcophagus is quite intact

No breach or sign of attack!

Could it be my pain is all in vain?

Is there a cost for that which can not be lost?

Perhaps it never existed at all!

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