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Elevator Escapades

By Bethany Tebo

[Ava, Yoshima, Ashley and Devlin board the elevator. The elevator begins to rise. Suddenly the lights flicker and the elevator quickly halts. Everyone falls to the ground from the jolt]
Ava: [Screams] What the hell was that?
Devlin: The elevator stopped.
Ashley: [Helps Yoshima to his feet] Are you all right? [To the group] Is everyone all right?
Yoshima: Hai. [Nods]
Devlin: It looks like everyone’s okay, but we need to get up. [Offers his hand to Ava]
Ava: [Smacks his hand away] I don’t need you, punk.
Ashley: Are we stuck?
Devlin: I’ll try the door. Maybe if I… [Pries at the door with his hands] It isn’t opening.
Ava: Oh, well isn’t that just lovely? You perverts probably planned this.
Devlin: Does anyone have a tool that we can use to open the door?
Ashley: [Searches his pockets] I have a pixy stick.
Yoshima: [Quietly] I do not carry extra things.
Devlin: [Looks at Ava’s face] You know, one of your piercings might help us.
Ava: Are you kidding? Three of these are new. [Rolls her eyes] Besides, opening the door has got to be the worst idea ever.
Devlin: [Kindly inquiring] Would you like to suggest an idea then?
Ava: [Rudely] It’s nice of one of you to finally ask me.
Devlin: I suppose so. What’s your plan?
Ava: I think we should cut a hole in the floor.
Devlin: In order to do that, we’ll need a sturdy saw.
Ava: [Smirks] Who needs that when I have a blow torch in my purse?
Devlin: You have a blow torch in your purse? [To himself] I would hate to meet her in a dark alley.
Ashley: [To Ava] How did you get past security?
Ava: I know people. [Pulls the torch out of her purse and turns it on. She leans over the floor and slowly begins to move the torch in a circle.] Come on…
Ashley: How long will this take?
Devlin: It should take a little over an hour. You should stand away from the smoke.
Ashley: Okay. [Steps back] [The floor begins to melt. The group waits]
Ava: [Coughs] The hole should be big enough for one of you to fit through now.
Devlin: Are you kidding? None of us can fit through that little hole.
Ava: Well, I’m not going and it’s a long way down, so one of you had better learn how to fly.
Ashley: You were seriously planning on throwing someone out of the elevator?
Ava: [Cockily] Yeah, Mr. Jockstrap. After all, I am a lady. It would be better for one of you to die.
Devlin: A lady?
Ava: [With attitude] Yeah.
Devlin: [Looks at Ashley] Hmm…
Ashley: [Smiles] Ladies first?
[Ashley and Devlin both push Ava through the hole. The elevator begins to rise]
Ashley: We took care of that problem.
Yoshima: [Looks up] Are we moving?
Devlin: Yes, we are.
Yoshima: How?
Devlin: [Points to the weight capacity light] It’s all a matter of weight distribution.

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