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By Lorien Mattiacci

Two people sitting together at the bar,
No legs resting warmly against each other
No elbows pressing purposely into proximity
Just bright eyes
Sharp wit
And good food
They stroll the beach
Side by side
Wind whipping her mane into a frenzy
While his #1 fuzz escapes unscathed
No fingers lacing
No hands tenderly embracing
Just the occasional collision
Facilitated by uneven sand
Pardoned promptly with apology
They nest next to each other on grainy beds
Two separate bodies in one location
The wind blows
The waves lap
The moon and stars pop emphatically from the black sky
The absence of physical contact
Remains unnoticed
In the presence of passionate comfort
Sharing dreams
Offering transparent honesty
Reciprocating admiration
Conversing on the absolutes
Of right and wrong in art
Unending unwavering intimacy of thought
One abstract sand sculpture
Two fuzzy slippers
Returning to his place
Comfort continues uninterrupted
Music and wine
The onset of unconsciousness
Their lips never meet
Their bodies never join
Yet she treasures his words in her heart
And the sand in her pockets

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